Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Enjoying time here, going to valley of the kings tomorrow at 2.30am.
Getting cooler slowly, but great here

Keep reading, kristian

Friday, December 14, 2012

Egypt Experience!!!

Hello! im back (Again,,,,,) im in Egypt. Photos wil be posted soon... hopefully... but Enjoying the weather (As Apposed To The UK) going to the Valley of kings soon :D Lovely hotel, great beach and a great pool. Our Driver got lost and took us to a hotel NEXT To Ours and then took us to Lagoon Hotel then across a (metaphorically) bombsite plot and back across it. then got directions and we got to our Hotel about 9:00pm and ate, then went for a walk the beach was nice and we dipped our feet into........... WARM WATER!!!!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNUNUNUNNNN!!! To Be Continued In: Egypt Experience!!!, Valley Of Kings. c yaa Kristian