Thursday, June 3, 2010

cleo almost dies

Today somthing bad happend. My puppy Cleo almost suffocated by My other puppy Lilah Lilah was pulling Cleos collar. There was lots of blood me and my sister were crying :[:[:[:[ poor cleo. We rushed to geo vet they did some stuff while i was at school now she is fine:]


  1. Hi - Talking of dogs, we were at a French Bed and Breakfast the other day where the family dogs were allowed in the dining room. One of the dogs came under the table and took a napkin from Sue's knee and ran off with it. The owner got the napkin from the dog and returned it to Sue ! I suppose they thought that the dog had licked it nice and clean so it would be OK to wipe Sue's mouth after she had eaten.

  2. lol. The French are funny like that.

    Scarey about Cleo. That was the week we had to take our cat Kirby to the vet. He was stealing & in his greed swallowed a whole wishbone ~ which naturally got stuck 1/2way down & was very expensive to remove! I'm glad cleo is ok.


hi thanks for the message I will read it soon